Silypro is a combination of extracts dry herbs and plants, such as Dandelion and milk thistle (silimarina), recognized for its tonic, depurative, who joins to branched chain amino acids and methionine, to improve and develop the effect hepatoprotective. Also, the presence of dry extract of Echinacea stimulates the immune system.

Recommended use: In times of fatigue and weakness, moments of fatigue, after treatment, in the changes of season for pepper is tonic, depurative, well mixing with the dough or dissolve in water.


10 g per kg of dough or per litre of drinking water.

In the event of administration in drinking water, it is necessary to reconstruct the product daily and follow strict hygiene measures for the drinkers.

Duration of treatment: 10 consecutive days.

Loading dose: 15 g per kg of dough or per liter of drinking water for 6 days.

Maintenance: Once a week.

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