Rotosal is a liquid food supplement based on organic phosphorus and oligosaccharides, that allows to quickly counteract deficits in phosphorus and energy before and after long distance racing and general stress such as the treatments, moulting and reproduction. The butafosfan it provides relief to the liver, resulting in an improvement in performance during the race.

the preparation is for 8 hours. 

Directions for use:

Food recommendation: to mix with drinking water or with the seeds.

Before and after stress: 5 ml for 20 pigeons.

After intense stress: 10 ml for 20 pigeons.

Moulting / breeding: 2 - 3 times a week 5 ml for 20 pigeons. 

Replace all day.

Tip: 5 ml of Rotosal for 20 pigeons as a last meal before a flight (for example, peeled sunflower seeds) with food.


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