Tea for champions

Purify the body and organs is essential in order to obtain a good condition, so tea is also important during the flying season!

We think in particular of the intestinal flora, the liver and kidneys. A saturation can occur when certain wastes are accumulated in the body. This is a medically explainable phenomenon after each effort. Herbots tea helps to eliminate these wastes as completely and quickly as possible. It is a personal and unique composition of teas for pigeons market.


Borage, white cutter, boldo, concern, star anise, yarrow, Chinese rhubarb, grass of the St. John, sewing, fenugreek, sarsaparilla, narrow plantin, herb parsley, Siberian ginseng, sheet ash, uncaria, Esseblad, Katteklauw, Echinacea, Sage, eucalyptus.

Directions for use:

2 tablespoon the Herbots per liter of boiling water, let steep for 15 minutes and then decant. Let cool and administer.

-During the flight season every 14 days, for two days.

-During the moulting period: at least twice a week.

-1 month before the season: give the tea for 1 week (health cure).


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