Germix goldfinch 500gr

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Germix Cardellini  is a mixture of sprouts already designed especially for the goldfinches. 

The use of the GERMIX allows the breeder to administer in all security of the germinated seeds to birds by eliminating the waiting time for the preparation of the products and eliminating the risk of diseases. And that to preserve the nutritional properties of germinated seeds fresh.

The seeds can be eaten immediately or can be rehydrated.


Niger, black oil sunflower, white Millet, sarazin, white lettuce, chicory, sunflower nano, oregano, Rosemary, herbs. 

Directions for use:

Mix 2 parts of Germix with a portion of water then let stand 10 min. Finally give the phone what your birds or mix it with your food.

The Germix can also be used without be rehydrated.

During breeding: all day.  

Year: 2 times per week.  


After opening the package, fill carefully and keep in a dry and cool place protected from the rays of the Sun.

If you administer the wet Germix it must be removed after 12 hours of preparation. 

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