Tasty & varied, ingredients for an excellent appetite.

The composition balanced and rich in fiber as well as vitamins and micronutrients added will increase the vitality of your pet home.

No ground and raw fiber and Prebiotics contribute to dental health and good digestion.

PUUR contains everything your pet needs to lead a healthy life.

Without preservatives, dyes or artificial flavors.


carrot / timothy / celery / oregano / cucumber muesli greedy, pure and varied / / special ingredients specifically suited to your (rabbit) / without conservatives, dyes or artificial flavours / all the nutrients for a happy life and good health. the pleasure of natural pure taste


A rabbit needs about 25 grams of food per day for 1 kg of body weight, according to his race. Make sure the animal eats all the ingredients. Always offer him unlimited access to hay and in fresh water. Keep food in a dry, cool and dark.


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