Brown dye for birds 

Supplementary food for birds.

Directions for use: 

Mix well with the food. Dosage 10 - 15 g per kg of dog food.

Duration of treatment: daily throughout the period.

Maintenance dose: 2 times per week.

Additional information: for an exellent eumelines and phenomelanies pigmentation, start using daily prior to spawning and proceed until the comprehensive molt. It stimulates the body to produce brown pigments. The genes are genetically predisposed in a natural way, by promoting the maximum production of eumelanin and pheomelanin (also in the beak and feet). It does not change the structural characteristics of the plumage, but improves its expression. The tenenur in methionine ensures silky and velvety plumage. Do not forget that direct exposure to sunlight helps to further improve the final result.


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