Protein-rich all-in-one extrudats for ferrets.

Versele-Laga complete ferret is a carefree food. The delicious all-in-one granules avoid selective food behavior. In this way, your ferret receives all the essential nutrients and will be able to remain in perfect health. The cereal and gluten-free food contains 90% protein of animal origin for optimal digestion and condition. The added taurine contributes to the proper functioning of the heart muscle. Versele-Laga complete ferret was developed by veterinarians, who were based on State-of-the-art scientific knowledge.

All-in-one-avoids selective food behavior.

Without cereals, but with 40% of animal proteins (chicken, duck, Turkey) & salmon.

Contains Yucca and others against unpleasant smells.

Instructions for use:

Depending on the size and age of the ferret, an average food ration of 50 to 80 g per day is recommended. 

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Renew every day both the food and the drinking water.


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