Protein-rich all-in-one extrudats for rabbits (dwarves) 6-8 m.

Versele-Laga complete cuni Junior is a carefree food. The delicious all-in-one granules avoid selective food behavior. In this way, your young rabbit receives all the essential nutrients and will be able to remain in perfect health. The cereal-free food with long fibres contains a specifically higher content of calcium, proteins and vitamins. In short, all the elements for optimal growth. Versele-Laga complete cuni junior was developed by veterinarians, who were based on State-of-the-art scientific knowledge.

All in one avoids any selective food behavior.

No cereal. High protein content, long fibres and others Hay alfalfa for growth.

Enriched with herbs for optimal functioning of the stomach and intestines.

Instructions for use:

To be distributed freely according to the growth phase. Depending on rabbit size and breed, an average dietary ration of 30 to 50 g per day is recommended. 

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Renew every day both the food and the drinking water. Also allow a good amount of hay.


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