Lysocur Loftspray Bird 400ml

Reference: 10121

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Available in 1 week

Lysocur Loftspray is a refreshing and purifying spray. Its regular use in the Aviary cleanses the air.

The spray creates a healthy environment for birds and for the amateur. It's a spray of ideal environment, because it neutralizes the particles of dust in suspension.

Lysocur Loftspray no danger to birds and has a beneficial effect for the eyes and the Airways. The spray penetrates to the depths of the air sacs.

Lysocur Loftspray is good for the plumage.

Directions for use:

Spray in the direction of the bird. Avoid nebulized directly in the eye.

Always nebulized more than 50 cm of the birds

Important: for maximum results, use at the same time as Lysocur strong.


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