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Exotic birds

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Eggfood Exotic 1kg

€5.00 Price

Yielded egg pie for exotic birds. The Egg-Ceded Pie is a complementary diet for all species of exotic birds: Australian, African... It contains high quality proteins (vegetable and animal), all vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements, and other raw materials needed for successful breeding. In addition the pate is enriched with insects and seeds, such as perilla and millet from Senegal, much appreciated by birds. To be offered to the female from the brood and to the chicks until the first moult.

Gold eggfood red 1 kg

€5.65 Price

Red with dye egg food for Canaries, native and exotic birds

An eggfood is essential during breeding and during the rest of the year it is a source of additional nutrients.

Moistened with 100% natural honey.

Contains 75 mg of canthaxanthin per kilogram in order to give the birds a beautiful red pigmentation.

Contains a supplement of lysine and methionine for growth and building of the feathers.