Respiratory system

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Respiratory system

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Bronx 500 ml - Airways

€18.50 Price

the Bronx is made up of several plants including echinacea, eucalyptus and mint.

• Echinacea: excellent effect on the airways.

• Pimpinella anisum: greatly improves digestion.

• eucalyptus: acts on the airways.

• Mentha piperitta ET: very effective against mucus.

Galaxy 300g - Green Clay...

€22.00 Price

 Galaxy is a powder composed of essential oils based on silica and green clay.

 thyme ET : even works inside the airways.

• Oregano HE: strengthens immunity and resistance.

• Cinnamon HE: effect on digestion.

• Green clay: cleanses the body thoroughly.

Other essential oils (single formula)

the Galaxy is a revolutionary product in the world of birds and pigeons. It is a mixture of essential oils based on green clay. Each essential oil has a very specific action and the product therefore has a very wide range of action.

Cox 500 ml - Healthy Intestins

€19.50 Price

the Cox is made up of a wide variety of plants including thyme, oregano and garlic.

• thyme: high immune power, excellent for the airways

• oregano : strengthens immunity and resistance, improves digestion.

• garlic: purifying action