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PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to pay for purchases, receive payments, or to send and receive money. For these services, a person must create an account and then submit various details to PayPal, such as credit card number.

Bank transfer

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please include the payment reference that have previously provided you to us, at the end of the order process on the wording of the operation. This information will help us match your payment with your order. Please also ensure the accuracy of the payment reference populated so that your payment be recognized and your order processed. This payment process is longer than the others given delays of transmission between banks, which may take several days.


Bancontact / Mister Cash allows you to pay directly online via the online payment system. So you pay via the secure environment of your own bank with a unique (TAN,) transaction Transaction Auhorization Number authorization number. Security is assured and guaranteed by each bank individually.