Digestive system

Digestive system

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Metabolyt 500 ml - Live yeasts

€19.50 Price

METABOLYT is a highly concentrated yeast complex. It has an immediate effect on digestion and intestinal flora. In case of liquid droppings, even green and gooey, give for a few days in a row. The effect is radical.

METABOLYT puts a protective layer on the digestive system. These are directly evacuated by the body. If in rare cases the droppings become at first a little softer, it is because the product really cleanses the digestive system. After 1 or 2 days, these will become flawless again!

Galaxy 300g - Green Clay...

€22.00 Price

 Galaxy is a powder composed of essential oils based on silica and green clay.

 thyme ET : even works inside the airways.

• Oregano HE: strengthens immunity and resistance.

• Cinnamon HE: effect on digestion.

• Green clay: cleanses the body thoroughly.

Other essential oils (single formula)

the Galaxy is a revolutionary product in the world of birds and pigeons. It is a mixture of essential oils based on green clay. Each essential oil has a very specific action and the product therefore has a very wide range of action.

Perform Pro 500g -...

€19.00 Price

PERFORM PRO is a complex blend of plants, clay, yeast, essential oils and probiotics. It greatly improves resistance and strengthens immunity. It will contribute to good intestinal flora and perfect plumage. It is also highly recommended after a course of antibiotics. It can be given throughout the breeding period and at the weaning of young.