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Toy Piata 29cm

€11.95 Price

The Back Zoo Nature Woven Piaata is made of various safe natural materials.

Stimulate your birds with this natural toy made of seagrass by hiding its favorite snacks.

The Back Zoo Nature Woven Piaata suitable for parakeets as well as parrots.

Intelligent Wheel In...

€14.95 Price

Toys for parrots and large parakeets.

The toy can be hung in the cage. At the top you will find a hole where you can put treats.

The bird must then move the candy down to reach one of the openings. 

At the bottom of the toy there is a larger round hole, from which the bird can catch the treats. 

This toy has been designed to stimulate the intelligence of your birds. 

Folded papers to fill toys...

€3.95 Price

These folded papers in a natural color have very curious curves on different materials, so they will find each toy filled with this natural paper even more enjoyable.

The Back Zoo Nature Natural pleated paper is made of 100% natural pleated paper, perfect material to shred for your birds!