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Premium Oil 1L - Garlic,...

€24.00 Price
Premium oil is a mixture of wheat germ oil, garlic and thyme. Rich in vitamin E, it is wise to give it for 8 days in preparation for mating.
Garlic essential oil has a purifying effect while thyme strengthens immune defenses. It can be combined with the Galaxy powder for optimal effect.
Also suitable for poultry.

Vitamin E - Selenium 500 ml

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€19.00 Price

Red Animals has developed a very high quality concentrated vitamin E - Selenium. The combination of vitamin E and Selenium has a powerful anti-oxidant effect that promotes fertility. It is given 6 to 7 days before mating and also twice a week during the growth of young. Compared to wheat germ oil, this product is much more concentrated in vitamin E.

Medox 250 ml - Red Animals

€19.00 Price

MEDOX is a very powerful natural product, composed of natural organic acids, essential oils and plants. It is advisable to give it 1 month before mating for 4-5 days. It is also given as soon as you feel that your birds are in a difficult period, in wet weather for example. You'll immediately see the exceptional power of the MEDOX. Then give 2 days of vitamins Vega.