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Incubator Fiem "Smart...

€199.90 Price

The Smart brooder is a very good brooder that perfectly combines quality with price, which is the flagship of our items.

This brooder is intended for the most demanding breeders who demand quality, performance and efficiency. 

Incubator of European manufacture guaranteeing quality will allow you for many years multitudes of births. We guarantee the supply of spare parts, but also the technical follow-up of the products we market.

The perfect marriage between aesthetics and efficiency, the Smart brooder combines an exclusive and innovative design with optimal incubation performance because the profile of the chamber allows the most correct brazing of the air.

Incubator Cip Cip 28 Digital

€269.90 Price

It is the first model in the "New Generation" range, which, despite its reduced dimensions, is characterized by great strength due to the laminated materials with laminated finish used for its manufacture. These factors, combined with the superior performance of the CIP CIP 28 model, have allowed us to achieve a high level of outbreaks

Incubator Fiem MG40
  • Reduced price

Incubator Fiem MG40

€299.90 Regular price €349.90 Price

Automatic Fiem brooder for 40 chicken eggs or equivalent.

A professional entry-level at a low price super studied!

Possibility to manage the hygrometry in automatic via the nebulizer.

Incubator Covatutto - 16...

€99.80 Price

A perfect brooder for the small breeder.

Semi-automatic brooder for 16 eggs of hens or equivalent.

Brooder for: +/- 38 quail eggs - 25 partridge eggs - +/- 16 hen eggs - +/- 18 pheasant eggs - +/- 10 turkey eggs - +/- 11 duck eggs - +/- 3 goose eggs.

Our advice: order spare bulbs at the same time - the shipping costs remain the same.

Incubator Covatutto 24 eggs

€169.90 Price

Semi-automatic brooder for 24 eggs of hens is suitable for breeding pheasants, and other species of poultry.

The best-selling brooder - Best quality price

European quality - Guaranteed longevity of our products.

Automatic turner for...

€69.90 Price

Automatic turner for incubators Novital Covatutto B20 - B20+20 - 24 eco, 24 - 24 digital -54 - 54 digital - 504A4 - 1958A4 - 1958A5 - 1960A4 - 1960A5