Système digestif

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Système digestif

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DIGEST 1Litre - Water...

€15.00 Price

Digest is a mixture of 4 organic acids:

Formic acid

Propionic acid

Acetic acid

Lactic acid

It prevents a lot of contamination by contributing to the purity of drinking water.

It contains lactic acid, which unlike other acids works inside the digestive system, at a much higher PH! Most problems are killed in the bud and the droppings will always be perfect.

Perform Pro 150g -...

€9.50 Price

PERFORM PRO is a complex blend of plants, clay, yeast, essential oils and probiotics. It greatly improves resistance and strengthens immunity. It will contribute to good intestinal flora and perfect plumage. It is also highly recommended after a course of antibiotics. It can be given throughout the breeding period and at the weaning of young. The products PERFORM 100% natural, lead-free, pesticide-free.

Roni 1 kg - Comed

€76.12 Price

Roni is a product developed for the health of the mucous membranes of the beak, throat and digestive system. It acts by deposition of a mucous mat of particular carbohydrates.