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Galaxy 300g - Green Clay...

€22.00 Price

 Galaxy is a powder composed of essential oils based on silica and green clay.

 thyme ET : even works inside the airways.

• Oregano HE: strengthens immunity and resistance.

• Cinnamon HE: effect on digestion.

• Green clay: cleanses the body thoroughly.

Other essential oils (single formula)

the Galaxy is a revolutionary product in the world of birds and pigeons. It is a mixture of essential oils based on green clay. Each essential oil has a very specific action and the product therefore has a very wide range of action.

DIGEST 1Litre - Water...

€15.00 Price

Digest is a mixture of 4 organic acids:

Formic acid

Propionic acid

Acetic acid

Lactic acid

It prevents a lot of contamination by contributing to the purity of drinking water.

It contains lactic acid, which unlike other acids works inside the digestive system, at a much higher PH! Most problems are killed in the bud and the droppings will always be perfect.

Vega Powder 500g -...

€19.00 Price

VEGA POWDER is a hyper-concentrated complex of vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and mineral salts. It is used during breeding, moulting or competitions at a rate of 15gr per kilo of seeds (to be mixed with PREMIUM OIL) or 30g per kilo of pie (mix with METABOLYT).

VEGA POWDER will give vitality and will also improve appetite. Ideal also after a course of antibiotics.