Gervit-W can be administered in drinking water or in food grain in order to remedy the deficiencies in vitamins of food origin (only cereal food) during the breeding season, the race period, molting, exposure and the cold season. We also recommend adding Gervit W® to meet the needs in vitamins after stress and to promote metabolism.

Gervit W® is administered during the period of breeding and racing 2 times a week, 2 plugs to screw = 10 ml of Gervit W® with 2 liters of water or 1.5 kg of feed grain. The rest of the time, give Gervit W® once a week is enough. To meet the increased need for vitamins, administer Gervit W® several times a week. Do not give Gervit W® during the travel season on the day of the flight. The troughs of copper and iron may have a negative effect on the shelf life of vitamins.


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