"4 oils" is a well-balanced composition of 4 pure oils which are very well absorbed by the body of the pigeons. Combine easily with Herbots BMT or Optimix


Sunflower oil, well digestible lipids

Oil of seeds of wheat, rich in vitamin E

Garlic oil, promotes the condition of the intestinal flora

Cod liver oil, rich in vitamin B

Rich in vitamins: vitamin A (3a672a) - Vitamin D3 (E671) - vitamin E (a 3, 700)

Directions for use:

1 tablespoon per kg of food, in combination with B.M.T. or Optimix.

-Season flight, 2nd day of school.

-For breeding: 1 week before mating then 2 x a week.

-During the moulting period: 2 x per week

The exact content of each separate oil is important, in order to ensure quality and to avoid problems in the intestines.


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