Tonic composed of minerals, trace elements and amino acids.

Natural Naturamine is easily assimilated by the body of the pigeon.

During the sports season, Natural Naturamine improves the physical condition of the pigeon. Natural Naturamine is the perfect complement for reproduction and molting season. During these two periods, it is essential to administer a supplement of minerals and trace elements.

Regular use of Natural Naturamine guarantees the success of the breeding season, the good health of the youngsters, pigeons in excellent condition and a perfect moult.

The minerals liquid trace elements present in Natural Naturamine are very well tolerated and absorbed compared to solid substances, of which only a very small percentage is absorbed with less beneficial effects result.

The addition of acids amino essential as the lysine, which is important for the growth process of the pigeon and choline, to improve liver function, and the specific composition of Natural Naturamine make a very effective tonic for the condition Physics and the general State of health of the pigeon.

-Improves the physical condition.

-Improves growth.

-Improves liver function.

-Stimulates the formation of hemoglobin in red blood cells.

-Ensures a soft silky plumage.

Operating instructions


5 ml - 1 teaspoon per liter of drinking water


Before proceeding to the maintenance dose, please administer treatment at a dose of 5 ml per liter of drinking water administered for 5 consecutive days.


Once a week after the return of a contest.


Two to three times a week from the coupling at the end of the withdrawal.


Twice a week during the moulting season.


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