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Is a pie for all species of frugivorous birds, such as starlings, oak jays, touracos and toucans, but also for loris and loriculus.

Iron overload of the liver is one of the leading causes of death among frugivores. It is therefore of paramount importance that these species receive a low-iron diet. Deli Nature fruit pie has an iron content of less than 60ppm, currently the lowest on the market.

Fruit pie contains a large amount of natural honey, which gives it a strong appetite.

The variety of fruits (pineapple, papaya), berries (sorber and juniper berries) and raisins is very important.

In addition, Deli Nature's fruit pie is enriched with dried shrimp and gamma rays to increase the intake of animal protein.

It is also an ideal complement for all large parakeets and parrots that revel in it.


Bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, sugar, fruit (min. 9% including 33% grapes, 24% pineapple, 23% papaya, 10% sorrel berries, 10% juniper berries), vegetable by-products, oils and fats, mineral substances, shellfish and crustaceans (min. 2.5% of which 30% gamma, 70% written)

Analytical constituents: 

Raw protein 16%, raw fat 10%, raw ash 5.5%, raw cellulose 2%, calcium 1.1%, phosphorus 0.6%, lysine 0.5%, metionine 0.5%

Deli Nature

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