Pigeon breeding mix with small cribb corn and roasted soybeans, specifically adapted to the needs of pigeons during the breeding period. It contains high-quality ingredients of optimal nutritional value and roasted soybeans as a highly digestible protein source. All this ensures optimal absorption of the mixture. Virtually all stars who use Premium mixes during the flight season rely on Premium Super Breeding during the breeding season. Think of names such as Gaby Vandenabeele, Johny, Yves and Magda Jonckers, Albert - Francine Derwa, Rudy Desaer, Rik Cools and Ben Roodbeen. The feedback we usually get regarding Premium Super Breeding is that amateurs who have tried it once, never want anything else.


Small corn cribbs 14%, white dari 10%, white wheat 10%, green peas 10%, roasted soybeans 10%, extra red sorghum 10%, yellow peas 7.5%, cardi 6%,npeas 5%, maple peas 5%, popcorn corn 4.5%, vesces 2.5%, winterpeas 2.5%, katjang idjoe 1%, lenses 1%, buckwheat 1%


Carbon hydrates 55.10%, raw protein 17.11%, raw cellulose 5.54%, crude fat 5.65%, raw ash 2.44%, lysine 0.90%, phosphorus 0.33%, methotine 0.21%, calcium 0.09%


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