Wasp Pocket - BSI

Reference: 50086

VAT included

A non-reusable wasp and hornet trap.

Contains ecological bait in a water-soluble bag.

Simply add water and hang around the house, terrace, pool, ...

Very good value for money.

Tired of wasps in the summer? Looking for an effective and not-too-expensive solution? The BSI wasp trap pocket is the perfect solution to fight wasps in your garden. This pouch, which must simply be filled with water before use, contains an ecological bait that attracts wasps and hornets to the trap that will then drown in the water.

This wasp trap pocket can be used well in your garden, on the terrace or near a swimming pool. We recommend hanging this trap pocket in a tree about 10 meters from the place you want to protect against wasps and hornets. An eco-friendly and effective solution to get rid of wasps and to be able to enjoy his garden!

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