Oropharma Avi-Chol is a dietary supplement for birds for an optimal functioning of the liver and a good shed. It is a liver tonic made from sulfur, biotin, vitamin B12, and sorbitol amino acids. AVI-Chol ensures optimal growth, pigmentation and development perfect feathers with perfect feathers in moulting birds young birds and pigmentation, and development. This product also stimulates the elimination of the pigments of color and medication residues. An optimal functioning of the liver is essential for the good health of your bird. In young birds, whose body is still in full development, the liver is more sought because of a greater need in energy, protein, vitamins, fats and hormones. During the moult, the plumage is entirely renewed. Therefore, all elements must be brought in the appropriate proportions and in sufficient quantity. Any deficiency results in a poor quality of feathers. Your bird's liver is overloaded during the administration of color pigments (color Canaries). Administration of drugs is also bad for your bird's liver. Where the importance of giving an add-in that supports the liver functions. AVI-Chol contains the necessary active substances (methionine, choline, biotin, vitamin B12, and sorbitol) for an optimal functioning of the liver with result a perfect development, brilliance and optimal pigmentation of the feathers.

Directions for use: 2 caps dispensers (10 ml) per litre of water in 500 g of egg food or drink.

During moulting and the exhibition season: two to three times a week.

During the administration of pigments for the color of the plumage, eg. Can - Tax or Yel - Lux: two to three times a week.

To support the liver functions or after administration of drugs: 5 days in a row.

Council in the event of administration through the eggfood: first add the dose of Avi-Chol to the water that will be used to moisten the egg food in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

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