Oropharma Oro-Digest is a conditioning intestinal. This product prevents membership of pathogenic bacteria in the intestine, improves the consistency of droppings, promotes hygiene in nests and prevents small feathers of the Cloaca from sticking together. In the digestive tract of birds are found bacteria essential for healthy digestion. These good bacteria are prevalent in healthy birds. If they are pathogens that predominate, then the bird will have liquid droppings causing a significant loss of water and electrolytes. Antibiotics will eliminate both good and bad bacteria. Oro-Digest serves prebiotic or nutrient for good intestinal flora and at the same time prevent pathogenic bacteria to adhere to the intestinal wall, so well that the natural intestinal flora can recover and digestion takes place in new optimally.

-Ideal when a disturbed digestion and in the case of liquid manure.

-Promotes hygiene in nests, and can be administered preventatively.

-An even better result in combination with Probi-Zyme.

Directions for use: 1 spoon shaved (= 4 g) to Oro-Digest per 100 g of eggfood.

In all cases of liquid manure or diarrhoea: administer 5 days in a row.

From the hatching of chicks until their independence to feed.

In all situations where the birds are exposed to unusual stress.

For 4 days before the housing for an exhibition.


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