For a brilliant plumage bath salt

Oropharma Oro-Bath is a bath special for brilliant plumage salt. This care product softens the feathers, warns the formation of dandruff on the legs and skin and makes shine the feathers. Oro-Bath has a relaxing effect, relaxes the muscles and cleanses the skin and feathers. Everyone knows that birds love to bathe and that they need. Taking baths regularly is essential for the maintenance of the feathers. With the addition of Oro-Bath to the bath water, birds have feathers softer. Their plumage is reinforced and keep its impermeability to water.

A boon to the plumage and skin of birds.

Relaxes the muscles and cleanses the skin and feathers.

Help preventively against the mite of the feathers.

Directions for use:

1 spoon shaved (= 2 g) of Oro-Bath for 250 ml of warm bath water.
The solution can be given during the free baths or using a spray bottle.
In winter: once a week.
During the exhibition season: once the day before basketing, once the day of return home after an exhibition and every 2-3 days during the interim period.
The rest of the time: twice a week.
If we add the Oro-bath to the bath water, you should remove it after a few hours.

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