Anabolic protein for pigeons concentrate

A.P.F. 90 protein is a concentrated animal protein of high quality and very digestible. This product is characterised by a high purity as well as a range of ideal and balanced amino acids with a biological value of 134. Acids amino limiting are completed so that the food can be treated optimally. These properties make A.P.F. 90, one of the best protein currently marketed. A targeted contribution of A.P.F. saves the own proteins in the body and thus significantly shortens the duration of regeneration.

Animal protein is not only vital, but is also essential to increase performance during competitions. Pigeons cover about 10% of their energy needs through their reserves in proteins, mainly by a decrease in muscle, resulting in a loss of substance from week to week during the contest. To regenerate this substance as quickly as possible, the muscles need protein. A.P.F. 90 is a natural muscle Builder, so it has an anabolic action. During the sports season, muscle growth is mainly in the phase of re-recovery, i.e. during the night. Therefore, it is recommended to administer A.P.F. 90 already the night of the return of the competition. When the difficulty of flights increases, it is possible to extend the administration of A.P.F. 90 for 2 to 3 days.


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